- Hydro One encourages residents to mind the lines and keep themselves safe -

While an overwhelming majority of Ontarians understand the dangers of powerlines and other utility equipment, a new survey by Hydro One as part of the company's public safety campaign, Mind the Lines reveals that more than half of customers may be putting themselves in danger while tackling their outdoor to do list.

The survey conducted by Innovative Research Group, revealed that almost 80 per cent of Ontarians either didn't know or weren't sure how far to stay away from overhead power lines while undertaking routine activities such as cleaning windows, eavestroughs or trimming their trees. The same survey found that while almost one in four respondents didn't know or weren't sure how far to stay away from downed power lines, only 43 per cent would definitely call to locate electrical or other underground lines before undertaking an outdoor project that required digging.

"Staying safe while working at home is critical so we are asking customers to look up, down and underground this summer, whether they are tackling routine outdoor chores or starting new projects," said Scott Vicary, Vice President, Health and Safety, Hydro One. "Our Mind the Lines campaign is designed to remind residents of the steps they need to take before they put in a new garden, install a fence, or trim their trees, in a fun and memorable way. We're here to help customers stay safe as we energize life across Ontario."

To avoid coming into contact with dangerous electrical infrastructure, Ontarians are encouraged to remember three key tips:

1. Stay three meters away from overhead wires - that's approximately the length of three beavers.
Be aware of any overhead wires by always looking up before carrying a ladder, pruning a tree, or engaging in outdoor activities like flying a drone.
2. Stay 10 meters away from downed power lines - the length of approximately 10 bloodhound dogs.
If you come across a downed power lines, assume they're live, stay far back and immediately call 911 and report it to Hydro One.
3. Call or click before you dig - channel your inner gopher!
Whether you're planting a tree, installing a deck or putting in a new fence, requesting a locate before you dig is the law as well as a 24/7 service. Once you have your locates, dig responsibly, respect the marks and follow the instructions provided on locate sheets.

SOURCE: Hydro One Inc.

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