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CyberCatch and Soter Technologies Launch Partnership to Provide CyberSafety to K-12 Institutions in light of Vulnerabilities and Attacks at Schools Across the USA and in Response to New California School Cybersecurity Law mandating Reporting of Cyberattac

Tuesday, 22 November 2022 12:00.PM

- CyberCatch's Scan of more than 11,000 K-12 Websites finds more than 60 Percent Vulnerable Across The USA -

CyberCatch and Soter Technologies today announced a strategic partnership to provide CyberCatch's cybersecurity solution to K-12 schools throughout the United States.

CyberCatch's K-12 Vulnerabilities Report, which involved randomly scanning 11,118 websites of public schools in the ten most populous states (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan), discovered more than 60% with vulnerabilities that attackers can easily exploit to break in, install ransomware and steal data:

Vulnerability / Number of K-12 Schools w/ Vulnerability / Percentage w/ Vulnerability
Spoofing - 7,513 - 68 %
Session Riding - 6,296 - 57 %
Clickjacking - 4,415 - 40 %

In the most populous state, California, CyberCatch scanned 3,898 websites of school districts, public and charter schools and also discovered significant levels of vulnerabilities that attackers can easily exploit:

Vulnerability / School Districts / Public Schools / Charter Schools
Spoofing - 62 % - 64 % - 60 %
Session Riding - 58 % - 79 % - 56 %
Clickjacking - 35 % - 46 % - 48 %

CyberCatch's research report follows the enactment of "Assembly Bill 2355 School Cybersecurity" in California that was signed into state law on September 23, 2022, mandating reporting of cyberattacks suffered by school districts, public and charter schools.

"Threat actors are actively targeting K-12 institutions, as exemplified by the recent attack against the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the United States. In New York, the Albany School District also recently suffered an attack and over 25 similar attacks on schools took place just in Long Island earlier this year. CyberCatch's findings should be a wakeup call for all K-12 institutions to enhance cybersecurity in California, New York and rest of the nation," said Sai Huda, founder, chairman and CEO, CyberCatch.

"Cyberattacks on K-12 schools are growing in number and must be addressed immediately. The theft of student confidential and personal data is especially concerning. It can result in identity theft and harm for life. This is why the new California law was enacted to prod K-12 institutions to beef up cybersecurity and report a cyberattack to mitigate the threat posed. Partnering with Soter Technologies, a leader in the K-12 technology market, will allow us to bring cyber safety to schools and districts throughout the United States that are currently unprepared and vulnerable," continued Mr. Huda, a globally recognized risk and cybersecurity expert and author of the best-selling book, "Next Level Cybersecurity."

"Thousands of K-12 institutions trust Soter Technologies to provide safety solutions to protect against threats. We are impressed with CyberCatch's affordable and highly effective approach which provides a much needed solution for cybersecurity. Through our partnership we will provide schools a better way to protect student data and comply with new legal mandates," said Derek Peterson, founder and CEO, Soter Technologies.

SOURCE: CyberCatch