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Thursday, 25 November 2021 18:26.PM

Advertising articles and commercials posted on will be able to visitors from Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, France, Ukraine, Poland, India, Slovenia, Croatia, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and more than 193 countries of the world.
More than 14,500 unique visitors visit the site every day, making more than 97,000 daily views. provide digital marketing across online news and video and social media platforms.

Advertising must:

  • Not be deceitful or untruthful.
  • Have evidence that backs up their claims.
  • Be fair.
Special rules for the design of an advertising article:
  1. The subject of the advertising article should correspond to the general style of the
  2. The advertising article should include contact information.
  3. The advertising article should not contain more than 20,000 characters.
  4. The advertising article should not contain embedded program scripts.

The advertising materials does not allow:
  • advertising of counterfeit goods and unlicensed services, pirated content;
  • advertising of weapons, explosives and substances, tobacco and drugs;
  • advertising of one day loans;
  • advertising of gambling;
  • porn and materials (text / photo / video) of a sexual nature;
  • collection of donations;
  • collection of signatures for petitions and appeals of any nature.
Examples of advertising article and commercials:
Basic Price for Single Article:

Size of article \ Price monthly  6 month  12 month 
   up to 2K (40%)$47.99$239.99 $399.99 
   up to 5k (50%)$59.99$299.99 $499.99 
   up to 10K (60%)$71.99$359.99 $599.99 
   up to 15K (70%)$83.99$419.99 $699.99 
  up to 20K (100%)$119.99$599.99 $999.99 
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Links on advertising articles or commercials appears on the landing page at the time of publication and then remains on the news feed page in the same order for entire advertisement term.
Link on news archive don't require additional charges.
A link to the main page that provides a permanent place for the article during the entire period requires an additional 15% surcharge on the basic cost of advertising.

Order fulfillment for placing an article on - 2 business days, commercials- one week.
For Canadian businesses and residents of Canada: All prices are in $ CAD + 13% (HST).
For overseas businesses and non-Canadian residents: All prices are in $ USD.

At the end of the advertising term, the article will be removed from the archive and becomes inaccessible to the public.

There are free online tools to check size of the article.

Publishing Rules:

1. All advertisement material published by advertising team ONLY, not by advertisers.
2. Publication of a series of materials during the agreed advertising period is allowed.
Number of advertizing articles restricted to 1-2 per day and not restricted for entire advertisement term.

For Advertisers: How To Publish Advertizing Articles on

1. Send us articles in doc format, images in jpg/png/gif format. Size of each email is limited to 500KB.
2. Email will be provided individually after filing a request through Contact form.
2. If article include image/s, send it/them separately. Image sizes restricted up to 500KB (in 1920x1080 format or smaller) for one image and up to 3 images per article in total.
3. Before publication, the material will be checked for compliance with the requirements of, and an invoice will be sent to you to pay for the service via PayPal.
4. Upon receipt of payment, the material will be published on the site.

Terms of advertising on can be changed at any time at the discretion of the administration. Advertisers whose ads are posted on the site will be notified of the changes.