🏍️🏍️🏍️ 2020 North American Motorcycle SUPRSHOW. Alpinestars Motorcycling Airbag Protection Jacket Live Demo

Sunday, 05 January 2020 18:00.PM

- Andes Pro Drystar® Jacket Tech-Air® Compatible from Alpinestars, world-leading manufacturer of professional racing products.-

The Tech-Air® Airbag System from Alpinestars is the class-leading airbag technology for motorcycle riders. Tech-Air is unrivaled as the first integrated airbag system which is completely independent of the motorcycle and provides upper body protection ahead of the first impact in a crash -- between the rider and a vehicle or obstacle.

Tech-Air® is the world’s first self-contained street airbag system that independently functions without the need for sensors to be installed on the bike and the subsequent need to link a specific motorcycle to the airbag system used by the rider. This means that Tech-Air® offers the freedom to ride any bike on any surface at any time. Offering instantaneous, high-pressure inflatable protection Tech-Air® gives the rider comprehensive protection in a crash by covering the full back, shoulders, kidney areas and chest. The Tech-Air® street airbag is incorporated into a specially designed vest, which is then attached within and used in conjunction with a compatible jacket. For the initial airbag launch offering there are two jacket models available – the Valparaiso for Tech-Air® touring jacket and the Viper for Tech-Air®street jacket – allowing the Tech-Air® System to be used, interchangeably, in all weather conditions.

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